Nombre D. Austin, TX 5*


Yes, I’m giving 5 stars.

Temper your expectations. This is no schmancy place. At best, it’s a hole in the wall with a few seats. But we’re talking about food for this place, not ambiance.

And the food. Yeah. Oh yeah. In an expensive city like Boston where everyone is being priced out, this place prices you in. Maybe $10 for the most expensive item?

For that price you might get a coffee elsewhere.

Cheap aside, let’s get back to the food. The star here, in my opinion, is anything wrapped in a lotus leaf (lily pad). Something about the leaves infuses the dish with moisture and stickiness that permeates the whole thing.

I had the chicken/mushroom first time as take out. Yum! It was wrapped in the requisite leaf and had lots of chicken, plenty of mushrooms, and some Chinese sausage to liven it up. Plus a few sprigs of yu-choy (green veg) on top. And, of course, rice. $6.95! Enough for two if you’re not too hungry.

Next time I had the lotus leaf again but with shrimp and garlic. Under $8. This one was good too but I felt like I ordered “too high”. The shrimp were tiny, although there were a lot. They didn’t seem to be just off the boat – not that I expected that – but after that cheaper chicken/mushroom thing, this was a let down.

But! It was still a lot better than anything else you’re going to get for the price.

A friend had the scallion pancakes. Eh. Greasy.

A lot of Chinese people order pick up here. With reason.

Read the other reviews – order the lotus leaf stuff. That’s what everyone says – and they’re right.

Portions are large. There’s no restroom if eating in. And no tables either.

It’s not an upscale place. It just does good food at great prices in an expensive area.

Diane H.Los Angeles, CA 4*


I remember my mom was wicked excited when this place opened. That was a while ago and since I work close to chinatown now I can grab some food from here for lunch. I mean when you work 5 days a week the most stressful part of your day should be “where am I eating and what am I eating for lunch?!” I’ve ordered here twice. The first time with Yelp which was Eat24? Which upcharges all the prices on the food so…..I did not do that again. I ordered through Ritual if you want $10 free to spend!) It gives you a real time estimate of when food will be done so I headed out after it told me to start walking.

The first time I got wonton noodle soup which was okay. The second time I got crab rangoons which I thought was small for the price I was paying. I also got the chicken and mushroom in lotus leaf which was delicious! Generous portion and make sure to mix it up before you add the soy sauce. I only added a little.

The owner and his wife are so nice! Very courteous and won’t ignore you when you are waiting in line. Also, where else can you get rice wrapped in lotus leaf besides going dimsum?! Perfect for takeout, it was still piping hot 30 minutes later!!!

Marky’s Gourmet
Miami, FL


The Little Kitchen is truly a little kitchen with 6 counter table seats offering authentic Cantonese cuisine. Great place for a quick meal!

Vivian C.
Boston, MA


I ordered take-out ahead of time, and the food was ready to go when I arrived, with a plastic fork tucked into the bag.

F1. Chicken Fried Rice $6.50
A2. Scallion Pancakes $4.95

Their scallion pancakes were crisp and good, though not as thick with layers as I prefer.

Their fried rice was nice and naturally light colored.  Tasty and a good portion too!

Allan T.Washington, DC 4*


With such rave Yelp reviews, I had to try.  And, Boy, was I glad I did!  The Little Kitchen (TLK) is a wonderful Mom & Pop hole in the wall serving terrific Cantonese classics.  Interestingly, TLK offers STEAMED-in-lotus-leaf versions of many of the same rice bowl combinations as Clay Pot just a block away.  (Chicken, Chinese sausage, black mushroom, spare ribs, pork & salt fish pie, etc.)   And a whole lot more: congee (Sampan porridge!), noodles, dumplings and the obligatory scallion pancakes.  There’s also even teriyaki rice plates.

With generous individualized servings, it’s a shame that the tiny place seats only 6 – and not very comfortably at that.  

They do accept credit cards and deliver online take out orders.

If I’m not mistaken, the tiny building was originally a White Castle!

Cindy H.Boston, MA 5*

Hungry and in a rush, I stopped by this little gem to get some scrumptious wonton noodle soup and scallion pancake. It took roughly ten minutes to get my order, but it was well worth the longer-than-usual wait (well, for a Chinese restaurant) because it was super fresh. The bowl looked small but had 5-6 ample sized wonton and some yu choy. The broth was simple but flavorful, not too salty to my delight. They have hot oil, soy sauce, and Sriracha for those who want to add a little kick! The scallion pancake was absolutely amazing. They gave a boxful for $3.50… a boxful of crispy and fresh scallion pancake for that price!

I wouldn’t get a drink here since there are so many bubble tea options in the area, but they do offer soda and water.

Seating is very limited, but it’s usually empty in here. It’s quite chilly during the winter and you don’t have privacy since you sit right opposite the kitchen and cashier, but if you’re alone and in a rush to get something into your system, it’s perfect.