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Nombre D.
Austin, TX 5*

Yes, I’m giving 5 stars.

Temper your expectations. This is no schmancy place. At best, it’s a hole in the wall with a few seats. But we’re talking about food for this place, not the ambiance.

And the food. Yeah. Oh yeah. In an expensive city like Boston where everyone is being priced out, this place prices you in. Maybe $10 for the most expensive item?

For that price, you might get a coffee elsewhere.

Cheap aside, let’s get back to the food. The star here, in my opinion, is anything wrapped in a lotus leaf (lily pad). Something about the leaves infuses the dish with moisture and stickiness that permeates the whole thing.

I had the chicken/mushroom first time as take out. Yum! It was wrapped in the requisite leaf and had lots of chicken, plenty of mushrooms, and some Chinese sausage to liven it up. Plus a few sprigs of yu-choy (green veg) on top. And, of course, rice. $6.95! Enough for two if you’re not too hungry.

Next time I had the lotus leaf again but with shrimp and garlic. Under $8. This one was good too but I felt like I ordered “too high”. The shrimp were tiny, although there were a lot. They didn’t seem to be just off the boat – not that I expected that – but after that cheaper chicken/mushroom thing, this was a let down.

But! It was still a lot better than anything else you’re going to get for the price.

A friend had the scallion pancakes. Eh. Greasy.

A lot of Chinese people order pick up here. With reason.

Read the other reviews – order the lotus leaf stuff. That’s what everyone says – and they’re right.

Portions are large. There’s no restroom if eating in. And no tables either.

It’s not an upscale place. It just does good food at great prices in an expensive area.

David C.
Lowell, MA 4*

In Chinatown, there’s an endless list of Chinese restaurants, but I always feel like it’s not worth the price. So I walked around and looked for something simple and cheap. Then I ran across the Little Kitchen. As the name states, this kitchen is very small, you can probably sit 4-6 people in there. I ordered the General’s Chicken, which is what I generally go for. It did the job and definitely went easy on my wallet.

So if you don’t want to wait to be seated at the other establishments, I recommend coming here.

Cindy H.
Boston, MA 5*

Hungry and in a rush, I stopped by this little gem to get some scrumptious wonton noodle soup and scallion pancake. It took roughly ten minutes to get my order, but it was well worth the longer-than-usual wait (well, for a Chinese restaurant) because it was super fresh. The bowl looked small but had 5-6 ample-sized wonton and some yu Choy. The broth was simple but flavorful, not too salty to my delight. They have hot oil, soy sauce, and Sriracha for those who want to add a little kick! The scallion pancake was absolutely amazing. They gave a boxful for $3.50… a boxful of crispy and fresh scallion pancake for that price!

I wouldn’t get a drink here since there are so many bubble tea options in the area, but they do offer soda and water.

Seating is very limited, but it’s usually empty in here. It’s quite chilly during the winter and you don’t have privacy since you sit right opposite the kitchen and cashier, but if you’re alone and in a rush to get something into your system, it’s perfect.

Michelle R.

Boston, MA 5*

I pass Little Kitchen every day on my way to work. Today I decided to stop in for a quick takeout lunch. Normally I go for an adventurous choice but wanted something simple so I went with noodle and wonton soup. I knew it would be delicious when I saw them prepare my noodles and wontons fresh, and then pack the noodles separate from the broth so the noodles weren’t soggy by the time I got back to my desk.

The noodles and broth were delicious but the real star here is the wontons. The delicate skin surrounds large whole pieces of perfectly seasoned shrimp. They might be some of the best wontons I’ve ever had.

As I was waiting for my soup, another individual received their order of a lotus leaf-wrapped rice. It smelled and looked delicious and I immediately had lunch-envy. I will be back to try one of these delicious-looking rice dishes.